Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab

A Simple & Effective Education Tool

A newly designed digital tool called "SIMULATION LAB" is being used in a few Medical Colleges in Western Countries. This is established and installed at a high cost at Davao Medical College in order to make the teaching of Surgery and Concepts of Medicine highly effective. Any number of repetition can be had in learning and practising the surgical methods, thus making the learning thorough.

Mohammed Ghani: What are the special features of Simulation Lab in teaching and learning medical subjects?

Dean: If the medical students want to learn about a disease or about a part of the body damaged due to disease or accident, the students have to wait till they come across one such patient. Moreover, the permission of the patient has to be obtained at first. If permission is denied, learning cannot take place. In order to avoid such occurrences, the Simulation Lab is designed. When the trainee pilots learn the art of driving the plane, they do it in a virtual atmosphere where they learn the concepts of flying through a virtual experience in a simulated atmosphere. In the same way, the Simulation Lab comes with recorded data about all parts and their function. Almost all types of diseases are also available through the actual data collected worldwide and stored here. Any medical student who needs to know and learn about a disease or part of the body, can select the particular file and learn it thoroughly.

Mohammed Ghani: How can we teach a surgery through this simulation lab? It will be an artificial one, isn't it?

Dean: When a student wants to know how a surgery could be conducted on a particular part of the body, this simulation lab provides the image of that particular part as a virtual reality. The student can conduct a surgery on it. He will experience the part of the body being cut and the blood coming out of it. But there will not be actual blood. He can continue to make surgery operation as he does with the real patient. The Simulation Lab also guides the student till the end. Inserting a tube in the vocal cord, making connections in the breathing veins, fixing a stent in the heart veins etc can be done as many times as the student wishes to. This cannot be done repeatedly with the real patients. Another added advantage is that the Simulation Lab reminds and guides the student till he does it perfectly right. That is why those who use this Simulation Lab learn the surgery in a thorough manner. Late they use this learning with the real patients and become successful in the surgery procedures.

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