MBBS in Philippines

Philippines has one of the best education systems in Asia. Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the best places for Indian students to study completely in English, at affordable prices and with high quality.

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MCI Coaching

For the first time in Tamilnadu, coaching classes for the Examination conducted by Medical Council of India for the Foreign Medical Graduates are provided by LIMRA Overseas Education, at Mylapore - Chennai.

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NEETLIVE.in website is designed for the NEET Model exams to test your knowledge & Capability to attend the NEET - LIVE 2018. NEETLIVE.in contains information about the exams, how to prepare & access them.

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LIMRA, which has been giving counseling sessions along with all types of help to the students who aspire to pursue their medical education abroad, is providing new facilities and training opportunities from this academic year, which are never even thought of by such other educational agencies in India. They are:


FMGE Council

All Foreign-qualified doctors have to get through a Qualifying Examination called Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, conducted by Medical Council of India. Then only they will be permitted to practise as doctors in India.


Coaching @ FREE of cost

LIMRA students will have these coaching classes totally FREE of cost. So far one has to spend around Rs.75,000 for these classes at Delhi.


Limra Office in Philippines

In order to make these classes fully effective hassle free, LIMRA is establishing its office at Davao Medical University. LIMRA is the only agency in India that runs an office at the Philippines to take care of its students.


Training at Major Hospitals

LIMRA is also taking efforts to give training on Hospital Administration and Clinical Treatment to the students when they study at Davao.


Conducting NEET Coaching

LIMRA will also conduct coaching classes for PG Medical Entrance Examinations (NEET- PG) along with Prof Dr. J.Rajkumar, (Ex Chairman of Surgeons Association of India.


Library with modern equipment

LIMRA is also building up a library with modern equipment and books for the FMG and NEET PG students. Providing all the above facilities both at Davao and in India, for its students.


  • Anatomage
  • Simulation
  • Lowest
    Tuition Fees
  • In-House
The Anatomage Table offers a precise knowledge of human anatomy.

Anatomage Table is the latest digital equipment which has revolutionized the teaching of Anatomy and Surgery in Medical Education. This tool is found in less than hundred colleges in the whole world. Davao Medical College is the only Medical College in the Philippines that has the "Anatomage Table".

Simulation Lab is a Simple & Effective Education Tool @ Davao Medical School.

A newly designed digital tool called "SIMULATION LAB" is being used in a few Medical Colleges in Western Countries. This is established and installed at a high cost at Davao Medical College in order to make the teaching of Surgery and Concepts of Medicine highly effective.

Cost of Education, Hostel, Food and other expenses are very low compared to other countries.

Except for Tuition Fees which is very low, Donation or Capitation fee is NEVER collected from students. Students of Davao Medical College after completing their Doctor UG Course, can easily pursue their Higher Education in the Medical Universities in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Thus Davao Medical College stands as a Gateway to Higher Education in these countries.

"In House Training in Treating Patients" in 5 Hospitals exclusively attached to this Medical College.

Students of Davao Medical College are given "In House Training in Treating Patients" in five Hospitals exclusively attached to this Medical College. This makes the students have hands-on experience with more number of patients than in other colleges. The disease pattern of these patients is also various and varying in their nature.

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