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With over two decades of experience, LIMRA Overseas Education stands out as a top MBBS consultancy in Chennai, catering to Indian students seeking admission to top medical colleges in the Philippines. Committed to helping and supporting students throughout their educational journeys, LIMRA has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of over 1,650 individuals, turning them into accomplished doctors and setting them on the path toward fulfilling careers.

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Pursuing Education Abroad

Pursuing an education abroad, especially in the Philippines, can be an exciting experience. Not only does it present an opportunity for students to acquire specialized knowledge of their course, but also for gaining exposure to diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives, experiencing a whole new way of life. They learn to use their strengths to the fullest and overcome obstacles on the journey towards earning their degree. In the process, students also become proficient in soft skills, making them highly desirable candidates for employers worldwide.

With LIMRA Overseas Education as your consultant for pursuing MBBS in foreign countries, you will be surrounded by a supportive team that will guide you through every step of your education journey, from the application procedure and going abroad for your MBBS to preparing for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) and getting job placements in India, if you want to study MBBS in abroad countries, LIMRA Overseas Education is exactly what you are looking for. Instead of searching online for “MBBS abroad consultants near me”, put your faith in LIMRA’s unwavering commitment and extensive expertise which make us the ideal choice for students in Chennai and beyond.


We Are No. 1 Education Consultants in South India

Students and Parents

For having selected Davao Medical College, one of the best medical colleges in the Philippines, to admit their sons and daughters in order to make their dream come true. LIMRA Overseas Education has been rendering good yeoman service in Overseas Education for the past 22 years. Its excellent and impeccable service has made the Davao Medical University appoint LIMRA Overseas Education as its ONLY representative for South India.

LIMRA does not leave the student in the lurch after just getting admission for the student. It takes care of the students not only through their studies in Davao but also once they return after completing the course. It helps them to get through the MCI – FMGE examination and to start their practice in India. All these coaching classes and services are rendered FREE for LIMRA Students.

From this academic year (2024-25) onwards, LIMRA will conduct Free Coaching Classes for FMGE Examinations, when these students reach their third and fourth year of study. Experienced professors of India will be sent to Davao to conduct these classes. If the students are willing, LIMRA will arrange for them to have training on Hospital Administration and Clinical Treatment in the hundred-year-old, famous hospitals viz. Brokenshire Memorial Hospital, Southern Philippines Medical Centre, and San Pedro Hospital at Davao. We are proud to share that LIMRA is the only Educational Agency and overseas education consultant in Chennai for MBBS studies that has a liaison office at Davao to take care of its students.

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Our Mission

The ultimate mission for the top MBBS consultant, LIMRA Overseas Education is to successfully bridge any gap that may exist between Indian students and their dream of building a career in medicine. As an MBBS consultant, LIMRA plans to achieve this by providing Indian students access to exceptional support and guidance in realising their dream of studying MBBS in foreign countries, such as the Philippines. As they study, LIMRA Overseas Education ensures that students have all the support they require. We help students navigate the complexities of the admission process, visa requirements, etc. to study MBBS abroad.

Our Vision

Our vision at LIMRA Overseas Education is for us to go beyond excellence in academics. Keeping in line with our mission, we want to provide Indian students with easy access to a holistic approach to overall development. We aim to equip our students with not only the medical knowledge they need but also with the necessary interpersonal and professional skills that will enable them to thrive in their future careers. As one of the top MBBS abroad consultants in Chennai, we strive to be the premier choice for students seeking guidance and support in pursuing their medical education abroad.

Our Trusted Partners in the Philippines

To strengthen LIMRA Overseas Education’s study MBBS in abroad program, we have established strategic partnerships with notable universities to provide exceptional guidance and support to Indian students seeking admission to top medical colleges in the Philippines.

Davao Medical School Foundation

Located in Davao, a city in the Philippines, the Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the top-ranking colleges in the Philippines. LIMRA’s exceptional services have made the university appoint us as their only representative in South India.

Brokenshire School of Medicine

A respected institution in the Philippines, Brokenshire School of Medicine contributes significantly to LIMRA’s efforts to provide outstanding educational experiences to Indian students. The institution is located in Davao City and is known for its world-class education with a low fee structure.

Our Core Values

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