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Nowadays, every Indian medical student faces the primary concern of getting admission to an upright medical institution for higher studies; for setting up a great career path in the competitive medical field. However, few manage to crack the entrance test while the remaining look for the private institutions.

Here, where many overseas medical universities came to the rescue as a savage for many Indian students, they provide MBBS programs and other medical courses at a low price. This option is certainly not possible in most Indian institutions, making a specific section of Indian students opt for pursuing MBBS in abroad countries.

Also, pursuing MBBS from foreign countries provides an individual with international exposure and an opportunity to practice in a foreign land with an all-inclusive experience that can be cherished life-long.

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Reasons To Study MBBS In Abroad Countries – The Wise Part

Pursuing medical education abroad is not easy, but it is not severe compared to other Indian counterparts. Why is this case? To clear the government medical entrance examination like (NEET-UG) in India, it is not a comfortable victory for those who appear yearly. On the other hand, many of the students manage to clear these entrance tests while others keep struggling or looking for other alternatives. The best option for those who search for such opportunities is to pursue MBBS from abroad countries.


Every year, more than 15 lakh medical aspirants are appearing for the NEET exam. But, the fact is just 80,000 MBBS seats are available. In that case, learning MBBS abroad is the wise options for students.

On the other hand, most Indian students have no idea what it’s like to study MBBS abroad, so they think it’s pointless. But the reverse is that, it is a superior option to study MBBS abroad, particularly for Indian students only if they are hardworking & have good academic records as well.

Now, let’s have an overlook on some of the advantageous parameters in brief:

Course Duration
4 to 6 years (including internship)
4.2 years + 1-year Internship
Fees Structure
Less than 20+ Lakhs (Including other amenities)
More than 75+ Lakhs in Private Institutions
Donation FEE
NEET Score
Yes (Qualifying Marks)
Yes (Qualifying Marks)
Ease of Admission
Easy to acquire MBBS admission in Abroad
Difficult to acquireMBBS admission in India especially in govt colleges
Across the globe
Across the globe
Settle in Overseas countries

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Why should one opt for MBBS from abroad countries?
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Studying medicine abroad has metamorphosed over the years. There are always certain advantages and disadvantages one has to overcome in many countries while opting for higher education or other medical degree programs abroad. Here, a few of the benefits which majorly have some effect on students are shown below-

1. Global Recognition

Most medical universities from abroad have accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI) for offering top-quality teaching methodology with up-to-date prospectus, experimental trial facilities, steady success rates, and much more, which helps the students who want to study MBBSs in abroad can learn with the latest world-class developments in Medical Science and practice medicine in their home countries after they clear the FMGE/MCI Examination.

2. International Acquaintance

On the bright side, students who are willing to study MBBS in foreign countries can get the opportunity to meet students from different countries, cultures which helps them to acquitting global exposure and in settling down quickly under new circumstances. Some top pick countries like China and the Philippines have a considerable population, which provides an excellent chance for them to study and experience the latest advances in medical science at the world-class level.

3. No Caption Fees

Every Indian student nowadays has a dream of learning MBBS in abroad. The reason behind this is that abroad counties have offered the overseas students a window of potential. It claims that MBBS education costs in foreign countries are surprisingly low compared to private colleges in India, and they can also study without paying any donation for Tuition. Some universities also avail scholarship for the students who excel during their training period.

4. Course Pattern

The courses offered in foreign medical universities are structured based on the academic and career aspirations in mind. One of the best aspects to study MBBS in abroad is that it aids their scholars in accurately diagnosing patients; by supporting them in growing their confidence and enabling them to develop with better medical skills, as one can improve themselves as a doctor, and can set up their career in any part of the world.

5. Top-Notch Infrastructure

A lot of medical universities in overseas countries/ places avail many facilities it includes lecture rooms, laboratories, testing space, completely air-conditioned auditorium, dissection area, canteen, and hospital. The lecture halls are well-appointed, with gallery style seating options with AV aids and air-conditioning equipment. E-class rooms can be reserved online. The laboratories there are often maintained by well-trained technicians with state-of-the-art equipment. They also avail exhibition halls with specimens and brochure exhibits of the anatomy schools to facilitate the training process.

6. High Demand for Global Doctors

Following the shock of the COVID-19 outbreak’s global rise, the world needs more doctors in the upcoming years, especially in countries like the United States, Asia, Africa, and much more. Also, students who complete their medicine studies from abroad countries can start their practice as soon as they graduate. Additionally, this does not apply to many other degrees!

7. Low cost of living

Even though it has some part of disadvantages also but mostly the advantages prevail over the other. One can make real their dream of becoming a doctor by going for MBBS in abroad.

8. Scholarships and Financial Assistance

To encourage a strong stream of students coming into their universities, top overseas countries like the Philippines, Russia, Germany Etc; have announced several financial grants for those who want to study MBBS in abroad scholarship for a better future tomorrow.


Most Indian students are worried about the difficulties of applying the studies in abroad countries. When it comes to medical studies, the eligibility requirements and the admission procedure are far from complicated.

However, there are best study MBBS abroad consultants in India who can help you with step-by-step guides to select the right college and countries to achieve your dream goal.

While each country has its own set of guidelines and requirements for students, who want to take up their higher studies in their institutions. Here, a general list of eligibility requirements for those who want to pursue up their dream studies –

  • The student is required to obtain the age of 17 on December 31 of the year, he/she is taking up his/her admittance. There is no specific upper age limit to apply for medicine in abroad countries.

  • The Applicant must have completed his/her 10+2 from a recognized board /institution.

  • The candidate must have a collective percentage of about 50% or above in subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology, with a medium of instruction as English during his/her 10+2 years of education.

  • The student would also be required to submit his/her medical certificate at the time of admission to ensure he/she is not affected by any transmittable diseases.

  • Applicants are also needed to qualify the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) a mandatory one, even if he/she planned to take up their medical studies in abroad.

  • Candidates should keep in mind that the higher limit for taking up the NEET is 25 years and for General Candidates and 30 years for SC/ST/OBC Candidates.


These days, students are worried about knowing about the admission procedure for procuring medical studies abroad, he/she can move on to next step after satisfying the eligibility requirements process to study MBBS abroad.

Step 1: Choose your desired MBBS universities abroad and go for their eligibility guidelines and requirements.

Step 2:Most of the time, some countries require their applicants to perform an English Proficiency Test (If needed) to check on the criteria meets their guidelines.

Step 3:Fill in the application form without any deception to proceed further by providing your particulars.

Step 4:Submit your needed documents along with your online application form, to strengthen your profile for further ensuing.

Step 5:Pay the processing fees and submit your application along with required tuition fees and hear back from the universities with an authorized admission letter.

Step 6:On the successful completion of the application, the next step is to take up the governmental procedures like passport submission, visa processing etc.


Applicants are required to submit the listed documents (but not limited to) during their application process-

  • Birth Certificate
  • Class 10th and 12th mark sheets
  • School leaving certificate and migration certificate
  • NEET Scoring Card
  • Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume (CV), Personal Financial Statements
  • Passport size of photograph of the Applicant, along with a Medical Certificate (MC


Having a medical degree from a foreign institution is a dream for every student these days. So, here are some specific factors to look upon before proceeding with overseas countries.

  • Select a country/place that ensures safety and rank for medical education.
  • Gather the data about the university and try to ensure MCI approved it.
  • Before enrolling in any universities, always try to ensure the prospectus and teaching pattern.
  • Applying for MBBS admission means you need to have a strong financial ability. So, try to ensure the country and institution that can carry your budget without any threats.
  • On the bright side, always try to ensure the other challenges like food, accommodation, climate and much more.

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