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A robust foundation for a flourishing medical career begins at Davao Medical University in Philippines, a premier institution renowned for its commitment to quality and integrity in medical education. Established in 1976 in the city of Davao, Philippines, DMSF stands as a leading choice for students globally, especially from India. The institution prides itself on a legacy of excellence, consistently ranking among the Top 6 medical institutions in the Philippines, known for its innovative curriculum and state-of-the-art medical technologies. Davao Medical College admission, featuring tuition fees as low as Rs.3.55 lakh per annum, makes world-class medical education accessible to all.

Integrity and Quality Since 1976

MCI & WHO Listed University

Low Tuition Fees as Rs.3.55 Lakh P.A.

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Pursuing an MBBS in Davao Medical School Foundation nurtures students with the comprehensive skills needed to overcome the challenges of modern healthcare. As a bastion of educational excellence and integrity, the institution propels students towards becoming skilled, compassionate, and innovative healthcare professionals.

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DMSF has been a pioneer in providing professional medical education to students around the globe. The university has a rich history of quality education since its inception with an excellent curriculum. This allows incorporating the latest developments in medical education, ensuring students are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the ever-evolving medical field.

Founded in 1976

Davao Medical College was founded in 1976 and has continuously updated its Curriculum paving way for the medical students to learn the latest developments in Medical Education.

Accreditations and Recognitions

Pursuing an MBBS in Davao Medical School Foundation ensures a secure future career, supported by trust and reliability. The accreditation of DMSF by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI) highlights the high standard of education provided by Davao Medical University in the Philippines. Such prestigious recognition reflects the institution's dedication to upholding international educational standards, guaranteeing the global acceptance of its degrees.

Worldclass Technology

Davao Medical University in Philippines is at the forefront of medical education technology, utilizing the latest advancements in the medical field. The DMSF is equipped with world-class medical equipment and technologies, providing students with hands-on training and real-world experience in a state-of-the-art clinical setting.

Davao Medical School Foundation

Access to

Cutting​ Edge Medical Technology and Practical Training

virtual reality anatomy models

Virtual Reality Anatomy

DMSF embraces this technological advancement by offering students access to cutting-edge VR platforms for studying Anatomy.
plastinated human body

Plastinated Models

Plastinated models, a pioneering educational tool among leading medical colleges globally, are extensively used for teaching. Davao Medical College Philippines admission provides students with the unique opportunity to explore human anatomy in its true form through these carefully built cross-sections of a plastinated human body.
anatomage table for teaching

Anatomage Table

The 'Anatomage Table,' a state-of-the-art digital device, has transformed the teaching of Anatomy and Surgery within medical education. This innovative tool is available in fewer than a hundred colleges worldwide. Davao Medical College stands out as one of the select medical institutions in the Philippines equipped with the "Anatomage Table.
simulation lab

Simulation Lab

The "SIMULATION LAB," an advanced digital tool, is utilized by select medical colleges in Western countries and has been installed at Davao Medical College to enhance the teaching of Surgery and Medical Concepts. This high-cost investment allows students to repeatedly practice surgical techniques, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Accredited By

national medical commission

National Medical Commission


Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates


Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research


World Federation for Medical Education

world health organization

World Health Organization

Dr. Erwin Rommel Hontiveros

Dr. Erwin Rommel Hontiveros,

College of Medicine Davao Medical University

Warmest greetings from Davao Medical School Foundation. Inc! It is our pleasure to welcome you all to the best medical school for international students who want to be the best doctor of the twentyfirst century. The Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. is a level 2 accredited medical school of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) which is recognized by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines. So on, we will be submitting our school for level 3 accreditation.

This recognition is because of the following reasons:

1. Consistent top performance in both Philippine medical licensure examinations and foreign medical graduates examination.

2. It's instructional facilities are world class - from classrooms, to basic and clinical simulation laboratories, libraries and soon, a modern medical museum.

3. A home-grown Learning management system (LMS) called (LEARN@DMSF). which is customized for digitally-adept international students, thus making e-learning fun and effective.

4. Our faculty members are competent, committed and dedicated, who do not only teach the art and science of Medicine, but most of all, take time to nurture the spiritual. emotional and mental health of students.

In light of the above, we invite you to visit our school and see for yourselves why DMSF is the best school for your children..

Mohammed Ghani

Mohammed Ghani

Limra Overseas Education, Chennai.

Greetings to you All.
For Limra it is a great journey of 21 years and still continues in the field of Overseas Medical Education. It gives us immense joy to note that for the past 10 years, the strength of our students in the Davao Medical College at the Philippines has continuously increased to touch nearly 150. I thank all the parents who have had unreasoning, uncritical and cordial faith on us while they got admission at Davao through Limra. I must also thank our students who have materialized the goal and dream of their parents.

Dean Dr. Erwin Rommel Hontivero and the team of experienced Professors at the Davao medical college deserve our praise and thanks for safeguarding our students and extending a helping hand whenever there was a need. It is really God's grace that our students get such a team of teachers to learn medicine and surgery.

Last but not the least I must also thank my team of office staff who always shared my burden to render help to the students and parents irrespective of time and schedule. At this juncture, let me assure the parents and the students that Limra Overseas Education dedicates itself to the cause of Overseas Medical Education year after year. With us, Davao Medical School Foundation also extends a warm welcome to our students in getting them admitted to the medical courses.
With kind regards.
Assuring you all our service

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Student Testimonials

Some of our Student’s Success Stories

The enormous amount that the self-financing medical colleges in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry demanded for admission to MBBS course shattered my dreams of making a doctor. We immediately went to Chennai and met Mr. Mohammed Ghani sir. He got admission to me, guided to have all the documents to get Visa, Bank Loan, and the qualifying certificate from NMC. He assured us a safe hostel exclusively for girls which was far better than what he described. I thank Limra for making great success over my ambition.

Dr. Janani Gunasekaran
Dr. Janani GunasekaranDavao Medical School Foundation

A large number of students from India, updated syllabus with recently evolved medical subjects, latest learning digital tools, libraries with International journals on medicine, multispecialty hospitals for clinical practice are some of the features that I enjoyed and experienced at DMSF After finishing my course in DMSF, I went and joined in LIMRA for clearing the FMGE exam and i got through in my first attempt, scoring above 200 the faculities and staff of LIMRA motivated me. I thank them and thanks to Mr.Ghani Sir.

Dr. Mohamed Arshad
Dr. Mohamed Arshad Davao Medical School Foundation

Limra Overseas Education is mainly responsible for materializing the goal of my parents in making me a doctor. I am grateful to Limra. Even after the completion of the course at Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines, Limra continues to have concern over its students and render all possible help. Limra could have left us after admitting us at Philippines. But it took continuous care on our career. I will never forget the help of Limra in this.

Dr. Manish Kumar
Dr. Manish KumarDavao Medical School Foundation


What are the distinctive beneficial features of Medical Education in the Philippines?

English is predominantly used by all people in the Philippines. English is the medium of Medical Education. The Philippines is an Asian Country very near India. One can reach the Philippines by frequent daily flights from India very easily.

The weather conditions in the Philippines are the same as that of India. Hence health care problems will be analogous to those of Indians.

The American Medical Education system which is accepted throughout the world is being provided in Philippines Medical Universities.

The cost of Medical Education is well within the reach of Middleclass families in India.

Students have experience with maximum number of patients during In-House Patient treatment Training which provides a rich experience.

The student-patient ratio here is appreciated in all other countries.

What is the degree awarded at Davao Medical University?

M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)

How is this different from MBBS which is being awarded here?

Both the MBBS and MD of Philippines are awarded on the basis of the Medical Education and the Patient Treatment experience. Both degrees are equal in their value. Kindly refer to the list of approved degrees in various countries at the website of ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. MBBS is the degree awarded by the British way of Medical Education while MD is awarded based on American Educational System.

What is the duration of this course?

Five years and One year Internship.

What are the necessary qualifications to seek admission into this M.D.Course?

To get admission into this MD Course, one should have got through in 12th Standard with Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. A minimum scoring of 50% in all subjects is compulsory. A pass in the NEET UG with the minimum qualifying marks is necessary.

Can one appear for USMLE examination after getting this MD Degree from the Philippines University?

Yes. You can.

Can I have the Internship Training (House Surgeon) in India?

Yes. After passing through the ‘Screening Test’ conducted by the National Medical Commission’ successfully, the NMC will provide you a temporary registration. Then one can have the Internship Training in any approved Institution and Hospital in India.

After the successful completion of the MD course in the Philippines, can I practise in India as a Doctor?

Yes, you can. You have to get through the ‘Screening Test’ of the NMC and the Internship Training successfully. Then you can practise anywhere in India.

Have I to pay examination fee for the Screening Test?

Yes. It is like any other Qualifying Examination and the student has to pay the examination fee.

If a student does not get through the Screening Test of the NMC, what will happen to the student and the education he had in the Philippines?

A student who has completed his Medical Education in any foreign country has to pass through the Screening Test. If he fails, he can take it up for any number of times.

Can I get a job and work in the Government or Private Hospital in India?

Yes. One has to register either with the State Medical Council or National Medical Commission to practice as a doctor in India. After registration, he can compete for any job both in Government and Private Hospitals.

When a student gets selected to study the Medical Course in the Philippines, can he get an Education Loan from the Banks in India? If so, what are the means to apply?

Yes, both the Nationalised and Scheduled Banks provide Education Loan Schemes. The student has to approach a bank in the area where he normally resides and get the details. LIMRA will help the student by obtaining the required documents and certificates from the University.

Does Davao Medical College offer Hostel Facilities to the admitted students?

Yes. Separate Hostel facilities are provided for Girls and Boys. Both North Indian and South Indian food are provided.