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Selecting the ideal institution for medical studies is a crucial decision that significantly influences your future career. In the Philippines, Brokenshire Medical College stands out as a top-tier institution for pursuing an MBBS degree for numerous compelling reasons. Known for its vibrant campus culture that fosters inclusivity and collaboration, the institution boasts a faculty of experienced professionals dedicated to student success. Moreover, the affordability of its programs makes high-quality medical education accessible, ensuring that financial barriers do not impede aspiring doctors. Start your medical career journey with Brokenshire Medical College in Philippines, which is inherently the best!

WHO Accreditation

Esteemed Accreditation

Medical College in Brokenshire proudly holds accreditation from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India, a testament to the high standard of medical education it provides. This recognition places Brokenshire among the elite medical institutions worldwide, ensuring that its graduates are globally acknowledged for their knowledge and competence.
anatomage table for teaching

Anatomage Table

Available in fewer than a hundred colleges worldwide, Brokenshire distinguishes itself by utilizing the Anatomage Table for teaching Anatomy and Surgery. This innovative approach places it among the select institutions globally to offer such an advanced learning experience.
simulation lab in medical college

Simulation Lab

The institution has embraced the future of medical education by incorporating the "SIMULATION LAB", a digital tool predominantly used in leading medical colleges in Western countries. It turns out that studying MBBS in Brokenshire Medical College offers students a distinct benefit of effective learning environment that simulates real-life clinical scenarios.
world class technology

Worldclass Technology

Brokenshire Medical School Hospital is equipped with the latest medical technology, ensuring that students are trained on modern equipment and methodologies. This commitment to incorporating world-class medical technology in education sets Brokenshire students apart, preparing them for successful careers in healthcare.

Brokenshire Medical University in Philippines

Premier Choice for Pursuing Medicine in Abroad

Brokenshire Medical College has been the top choice for Indian students aiming to study medicine in Davao, Philippines. This institution distinguishes itself through prestigious accreditations from the WHO and Medical Council of India, highlighting its commitment to high educational standards and the global recognition of its medical degrees. The success of the institution is anchored in its swift adoption of the latest technologies, outstanding curriculum that meets international standards. Offering world-class education, and a nurturing environment, Brokenshire Medical University in Philippines is a strategic choice for those dedicated to achieving excellence in the medical field. 

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BrokenShire School of Medicine Certificate

Accredited By

Commission on Higher Education

national medical commission

National Medical Commission


Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates


Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research


World Federation for Medical Education

world health organization

World Health Organization

Advantages of Brokenshire

Inclusive, Convenient, Affordable – Discover Unparalleled Opportunities

Pursuing MBBS in Brokenshire Medical College can be highly rewarding in many aspects for Indian students. With convenient daily flights from India to the Philippines, students and families find the logistical aspects of education abroad less daunting. The welcoming atmosphere and shared cultural values provide a comfortable transition for Indian students, reducing potential cultural surprises. Additionally, the overall cost is accessible to middle-class families, making high-quality medical education more affordable.


What are the distinctive beneficial features of Medical Education in the Philippines?

English is predominantly used by all people in the Philippines. English is the medium of Medical Education.

The Philippines is an Asian Country very near India. One can reach the Philippines by frequent daily flights from India very easily

The weather conditions in the Philippines are the same as that of India. Hence health care problems will be analogous to those of Indians

The cost of Medical Education is well within the reach of Middleclass families in India.

Students have experience with maximum number of patients during In-House Patient reatment Training which provides a rich experience.The student-patient ratio here is appreciated in all other countries.

What is the degree awarded at Brokenshire School of Medicine?

M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) Both the MBBS and MD of Philippines are awarded on the basis of the Medical Education and the Patient Treatment experience. Both degrees are equal in their value

Kindly refer to the list of approved degrees in various countries at the website of ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. MBBS is the degree awarded by the British way of Medical Education while MD is awarded based on American Educational System.

What is the duration of this course?

Five years and One year Internship.

What are the necessary qualifications to seek admission into this M.D.Course?

To get admission into this MD Course, one should have got through in 12th Standard with Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. A minimum scoring of 50% in all subjects is compulsory. The student must have got through in the English Language also.

Can I have the Internship Training in India?

The Internship (Clerkship) done in Philippines is accepted in India by NMC (National Medical Commission).

After the successful completion of the MD course in the Philippines, can I practise in India as a Doctor?

Yes, you can. You have to get through the ‘Screening Test’ of the NMC and the Internship Training successfully. Then you can practise anywhere in India.

If a student does not get through the Screening Test of the NMC, what will happen to the student and the education he had in the Philippines?

A student who has completed his Medical Education in any foreign country has to pass through the Screening Test. If he fails, he can take it up for any number of times

Can I get a job and work in the Government or Private Hospital in India?

Yes. One has to register either with the State Medical Council or National Medical Commission to practice as a doctor in India. After registration, he can compete for any job both in Government and Private Hospitals.