Is Studying MBBS Costly in Abroad?

Studying MBBS abroad presents a cost-effective alternative, particularly in South Asian countries, compared to expensive private medical colleges in India. Also, doing some research on the best time to take admission in MBBS abroad reduces the admission cost significantly.  Studying MBBS abroad is not costly as compared to some of the universities in the US and India. Particularly countries like Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh and Philippines offer best alternative to aspiring students in India. This blog explores the feasibility, benefits, and considerations for studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low cost.

Choosing the Best MBBS College Abroad for Indian Students

Choose the best MBBS college abroad for Indian students with key considerations like accreditation and recognition by medical councils. Apart from this quality of education, clinical training, and cultural exposure are critical factors.

Which country is a Affordable to study MBBS Abroad: Apart from Russia, China, Philippines is renowned for its internationally recognized medical institutions, making them popular choices among Indian students. Philippines is gaining popularity in the recent years to pursue MBBS cost-efficiently along with other benefits. 

Expert Guidance: If you are searching how to find affordable MBBS abroad for Indian students seek advice from educational consultants or alumni to gain valuable insights into choosing the best college that aligns with career goals and budget.

How to Find Affordable MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

The following factors should be considered while choosing to study MBBS abroad.

Research and Planning: Conduct thorough research on countries offering affordable MBBS programs such as China, Russia, and the Philippines.

Financial Considerations: Programs under 10 lakhs INR often cover tuition and living expenses, making them financially feasible options for Indian students.

Scholarships and Aid: Explore scholarships and financial aid opportunities provided by universities and governments to alleviate the financial burden.

Additional Factors: Consider language requirements, visa regulations, and overall educational quality when making decisions about studying MBBS abroad.

Consultancy Services: Seek guidance from educational consultants specializing in MBBS abroad. They can provide expert advice and assist in navigating the complexities of admission processes, visa requirements, and choosing the right university.

Best Time to Take Admission in MBBS Abroad

The selection process generally begins in September, with admissions open between March and July for the upcoming academic year, underscoring the importance of early application. Ideally, starting the application process in January or February allows ample time for visa processing and accommodation arrangements.


Studying MBBS abroad now is not necessarily costly but can be a practical cost-effective choice for Indian students aspiring to pursue medicine. Contrary to the belief studying abroad is costly affair, countries in South Asia offer affordable tuition fees and living expenses compared to Indian private medical colleges, making them attractive destinations. By conducting thorough research, seeking expert guidance, exploring financial aid options, knowing best time to take admission in MBBS abroad and planning early for admissions, students can maximize their chances of securing a quality MBBS seat abroad without incurring excessive costs.

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